Goose roasts

after a slightly modified family recipe, every goose succeeds, has already successfully achieved it three times in the winter.

– 1 goose (4.2 kilos, poland, oat mast, frozen)
– Salt, pepper, sugar
– Two packs of dumplings
– Two glasses of red cabbage
– 5 apples
– A pack of chestnuts
– Needle and twine
– bay leaves, flour, ice cubes

Buy a frozen goose, preferably oat fattening and from Poland. Weight should be 3.5 – 4 kilos, 4.2 kilos are also completely ok. So the feast is enough for four people. As a filling, you need approx. 5 apples and best pre-cooked chestnuts. As a side dish, cunning and red cabbage are recommended.

The goose is best bought two days in advance, and it is thaw in the fridge wrapped in kitchen towels. But it is also possible to buy them 24h beforehand, and then let them thaw wrapped at room temperature.

You then start on the day of the day and peel the chestnuts if they are not yet. You also peel the apples and cut both into bite-sized pieces. Now you heat both ingredients in a saucepan, but make sure that they don't get too hot, because you still have to fill them in the goose. Salt, pepper and a decent pinch of sugar are enough to season for the filling.

So now one devotes one's way to the goose. First you find the opening, where the filling has to come in afterwards. This is at the back. You open them and reach in and, in case of doubt, take out the innards, which are usually in a plastic bag. These are then kept iom freezer. Then season the goose with neat salt and pepper.

Goose is a roast, the spice you put on the surface does not stay there, but moves into the goose. Therefore, it feels a bit too much salt rather than too little. Peppers also rather good. They are seasoned at the top and bottom. Then you also season them with salt and pepper, in which you rub the outer walls in the opening of the goose.

So now let the filling cool and put it in the goose until it is filled to the opening. Now you take a needle and twine (preferably linen, plastic may have a bad effect on the taste, and also does not withstand the heat). This is used to sew the opening of the goose so that it is ensured that nothing falls out of the filling when turning the goose. So now the goose is already prepared.

You take a roasting dish. On the Internet it says you should fill them with little water approx. finger-wide. But I have had good experiences with filling 8 – 9 cm of water. Now heat the oven to 250 degrees. Then place the stuffed goose in reverse in the frying pan so that the underside points upwards.

Now you fry at 250 degrees for an hour. When frying for the first two hours, you always pour the roast juice, which runs into the water, over the goose with a spoon. Also, you can pierce the goose with the needle again and again at the clubs and on the chest, so that the fat splashes out.

After an hour, take out the roasting form (cautious: hot). And turns the goose around again. The oven is now set to 200 degrees. Put the goose back in the oven in the frying pan and let it fry for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the 200 degrees. In the last hour, you should let ice cubes thaw in warm water and add a good salt. This ice-cold salt water is then repeatedly drizzled over the goose with a spoon, so that it turns beautifully brown.

Dumplings are prepared according to the specifications and red cabbage from the glass is also simply heated, preferably with 2 -3 bay leaves, so that the food as a whole is not too powerful.

As a sauce, the roast juice in the roast ingeis is now sufficient. From the theory one should thicken it a little more. To do this, stir some flour into lukewarm water so that it is creamy, stir it into the frying juice and let the whole thing boil briefly. However, we have not yet succeeded in doing so.

Drinking the goose is also not so difficult. You need a well-sharp knife and, best of all, a poultry scissors. With the poultry scissors you take care of clubs and wings and try to hit the joint especially with the clubs. Because cutting the bone borders on impossibility. With the sharp knife you take care of the chest. The tip is then to cut the meat into diamonds as if so: /_/. This looks very beautiful visually. Good appetite 🙂

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